Coast to Coast Collective


We've got over 20 house grown strains! Stop by and see which one best suits you! ***All pricing listed on Weedmaps does not include state sales tax (9.5%)*** As of Jan 1, 2018 authorities in the state of California and the city of Los Angeles have required us to collect and pay additional taxes. There is now a 15% excise tax from the state for both Medical and Adult Use (currently this tax is included into the price listed here). There is also a 5% city tax for Medical and 10% tax for Adult Use (currently this tax is included into the price listed here as well). The total taxes for Medical are 29.5% and 34.5% for Adult Use. You can apply for a state MMIC card and become exempt from the 9.5% sales tax. Please note, we have not put the full weight of these taxes on our patients yet, even though we have to pay all applicable taxes from the city and state. We are doing this to try and make this adjustment as smooth as possible. Coast to Coast is now licensed to be able to see Adult Use "Recreational" customers!! We cultivate all our flower in house from our expert team of cultivators. We pride ourselves on the quality of the flower we produce. We have been cultivating some of our strains from over 20 years and also have our own crosses/variations to offer. We hope to see you soon:) Coast to Coast is a Prop D compliant, Pre ICO #13 (California's Finest Compassionate Cooperative INC/Cali's Finiest) A10-18-0000200-TEMP, M10-18-0000216-TEMP


License : M10-18-0000216-TEMP, A10-18-0000200-TEMP
Email :
Address : 7127 Canoga Avenue
City : Los Angeles
State : CA
Zip : 91303


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